Friday, 1 June 2012

Running Free

We take Theo to a countryroad. We go by bike. Theo is trotting next to Cor. Theo sees everything, he's so alert. Once on the countryroad they pace up. Theo trots fast and proud. At the end of the country road we let him free. He starts grazing right away. Cor and I sit in the grass and watch Theo looking for the best grass he can find. The sun is shining, his golden coat shines. Suddenly he gets tense. He starts trotting and turning all the time. Maybe he realises he's the only horse here. I walk to the end of the countryroad, about a few hundred meters. I ask him to come with me. He follows and trots next to me. At the end of the (deadend road) he turns and galops back at Cor. He turns in a quick beautiful movement and speeds of in a galop towards me. I stand and watch. I see his manes in the wind, his ears turned towards me. His powerful legs carrying him so easily...and gracefully. He decides to change his direction just in front of me. I don't move, he runs just around me. He seems to play and runs back again. I can hardly imagine anything more beautiful than this happy, beautiful horse running free. Oh yes, I would enjoy being ons his back one beautiful day. But for today and many more days this image of Theo running free is more than enough.
(picture taken by a former care-taker of Theo at his previous stall).

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