Friday, 24 August 2012

First squeek at me!

I take Theo out of the field. He's in the field day and night for a few weeks now and I am amazed how clean he is. Except for his legs. They get muddy when he wants to drink from the small canal next to the field. I groom him a bit, clean his hooves. He is relaxed. I will lunge him today. Once we're in the paddock his energy changes. He starts to trot right away. He seems to know how beautiful he looks trotting, but he has to walk first. After some minutes he's allowed to trot but jumps into cantering, throws his head in the air with a twist, shakes his manes and makes a tiny squeek. I am surprised by this sound. He makes it while playing with Kjelt the young Frisian stallion. But never before, when playing with me! It's his expression of joy in combination with some amazing moves with his front legs. Like clawing in the air so high, so gracious. I wish I could film this, but I am too busy.

After the exercise we walk through the paddock together for cooling down. I can hear him breath behind me. He follows me without a rope and when I stand still, I feel his nose to my shoulder. Cooling down like this is more than cooling down. It's bonding even more and enjoying each other's company.

And then I put him back in the field again. You can see Theo in this very short video below.