Friday, 1 June 2012

Cooling Water

Late afternoon. It is very warm in the paddock. It is HOT. I take Theo out of the paddock. He is slow. I guess he was dreaming a bit in the sun. I take him to a fence and put him there with a rope. I take the waterhose and start spraying his feet with the cool water. It seems he knows what will follow and he stands completely still, head quite low. First his feet and legs, then his chest, belly, neck and back. His manes, his tale and back to his neck, up to his ears. That's about how high I can get. He doesn't like the water in his face. But he likes to drink from the hose. He plays with his tongue with the water. His body shines like a mirror. I give him some carrots and apples to make the joy even bigger. While he's eating I shower him a bit more. When the apples and carrots are eaten, I take him back to the paddock. As soon as he feels the warm sand, I can see him get lower in his legs. He sniffs the sand. But he's too close to the electric wire so I direct him a bit further. Walking so "low" he chooses a new spot. And then in no time he's full of sand and standing again. Shaking most of the sand out of his fur. I hope he has cooled down a bit.

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