Friday, 8 June 2012

Not so much time

As I approach the farm, I see Theo in the field. Ivy and Theo have been grazing here together for some time already. They are so busy, looking for grass. I want to spend some time with Theo. I want to take him out of the field. He comes to me. As I walk to him I feel my back is painful. Walking isn't fun. But I want to offer Theo a bit of time out of the field and spend some time together. Like we do every day. As I take him out of the field, he puts his nose to my hand. I doubt if it is a good idea to take him out and walk. My back is very present today. I stick to the plan. Time with Theo is important and makes me happy. We walk a little bit, he looks at longer grass than in the field. Ofcourse he does. It makes me smile inside. I observe him and see his shiny coat, his legs that move so easily as he searches for grass. His tail and manes are waving in the wind. He's blinking his eyes all the time. He enjoys. But my back tells me it's not good to stand. So I lean against Theo. His coat is warm and soft. This feels better. Then he moves and I move with him. It's ok. It's not that he is indifferent. The moves he makes are small, he's aware of me. He's careful as always. Ofcourse he is. It's ok for the both of us. He eats, I am leaning. My time with Theo is limited today. I cannot exactly do what I'd like to do with him. But Theo is able to give me a good feeling about it and accept it for the biggest part. He tells me, it's no problem, it's ok, don't worry about it. So sooner than I'd like I put him in the paddock with a haynet. But it is ok. Precious time is shared.

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