Friday, 1 June 2012

End of the day

An hour before the sun goes down. Now that Imke and Mente are in their stall, we take Theo and Ivy into the field where mother and son are standing during the day. Theo and Ivy weren't here before. They check the grass. They walk around with their nose just above the grass. There are many smells for them to explore. There is space. They do not eat right away. Suddenly they get excited and start running. They discover the length of the field. It's a wonderful sight how they enjoy these new impressions. After about 45 minutes it's about time for them to go inside. I walk into the field. Theo is in the back of the field, ofcourse. He looks up. I don't walk straight to him. A bit along aside of him. That is always very interesting for him. And when I pass him, he decides to walk to me. It was his idea to come! I can put on the rope on his halter easily. He puts his snout in my hand. He is amazing. He doesn't seem to mind I take him out of this Heaven for Horses. He walks beside me to the fence. When Ivy discovers us walking away from her, she speeds up next to us. Starts to graze again, when I take Theo out of the field. She takes her chances to eat some more. Meanwhile Cor has picked up some mown grass with long stems. Theo is very happy finding it in his stall when I bring him in. It's a nice addition to the carrots he gets every evening. I am amazed by Theo all the time, every day. I cannot get used to his spirit that is cooperative, easy, willing to do what we ask of him. He enjoys it. And that matches so wonderfully with our goal. Giving Theo the best life we can give him.

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