Monday, 4 June 2012

Theo and Mente

Mente is the amazing two month old Frisian stallion at the farm. He's very playful. He's trying to play with his mother Imke. She's only interested in eating grass. And not in playing with her youngest. So Mente plays solo. Every time I walk along their field, with Theo, Mente approaches the fence. Theo and Mente greet over te fence by touching each other's noses. Today is the day they will be in the field together. Theo is a friendly and balanced horse. Which means it is safe to put him with Mente and Imke. Theo and Imke know each other well. And even if Theo would be rough to Mente, Imke would surely tell him to stop. So we put Theo into the field. And immediately Mente runs to Theo and looks as if he wants to play right away. Like: I know you already. We can play! Theo is a bit shy at first. When Mente proceeds his invitation, Theo turns his hind towards Mente. When this has no effect, Theo lifts his frontleg to make it pretty clear. "Hey you little one, take it easy". Mente doesn't feel discouraged at all, but seems to understand the horselanguage very well already. He moves back. Theo then moves a bit around him. He tries to graze but there's the little black stallion again. Theo is very patient. When Mente keeps on challenging him Theo starts running with him. Throwing his head in the air. Mente joins him and seems to think: finally! It's beautiful how they trot together for a while and then, both satisfied, graze together. Well that means, it looks like Mente is copying his "uncle". Mente's grazing is only a little bit grass, but he must feel very grown up, I think.


  1. How sweet to see and read this! Another beautiful relationship in the making it seems!

    1. Oh yes Ginny, they played all afternoon today again! So beautiful to see! Thanks for visiting and being the first to comment! <3