Tuesday, 31 July 2012

First time riding

I couldnt ride Theo because of my backproblems. I am so happy my back feels better since I am treated with a painblock... Sunday... It has to happen today. I want to ride Theo. In the paddock. My back feels ok and Theo always feels right. Saddling him, he's very relaxed. Bitless keeps him relaxed. Cor arranges a high step-on. I am only 1.60 m and Theo is 1.68, so to get on is a challenge. But I manage and Theo stands still when I get up. First we use the lungeline, but it feels so safe and Theo is so relaxed. I feel incredible happy on his back. He steps just fine and a bit later we trot. It is so long ago I was riding. And now, on my own horse. I can tell you that is magical. He's such a good boy and I feel very comfortable. Later I realise I didn't think of how high he is, or that I was riding him bitless. It is just perfect. Theo is aware I am on his back and he's careful, he is concentrated and relaxed at the same time. This is the first time I ride him and I am so aware of that. A dream come true. There will be many many times following.

Here's the link to a short video Riding Theo