Friday, 1 June 2012

Theo is my mirror

The Farrier Tessa is working on Theo's hooves. I am standing close to his head. He is quiet. Or plays with the halter rope. Cor is keeping away his tail from his hind legs when Tessa works on them. His hooves has grown so much Tessa says. In only 5 weeks. When Theo came to live with us, his horseshoes were taken off. We want him to be bare-foot on healthy hooves. It takes time. Tessa has trimmed his hooves several times now and she is very happy with the progress of his hooves. This time she has to cut quite some off his hooves. And Jackie loves to eat it. That's what dogs do. Theo is patient. When he assumes Tessa needs that leg to work on, he lifts it to an incredible hight and he has to relax a bit. Tessa tells him he's a good boy. I am standing close to Theo's head...At my eye-hight his nose is. I have plenty of time to look at his nose and all the colours it has. I look up at his eye. It's amazing. So beautiful. Dark brown with kind-of-red eyelashes. He blinks all the time. And looks around. Suddenly I see myself in his eye. His eye is my mirror. I can only see my head. It's an amazing discovery. I see myself in Theo. When the job is done, I walk with him so Tessa can check. It's ok. I take him to the paddock. I see myself in Theo.

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