Saturday, 2 June 2012

Getting Closer

Theo is a very alert horse. He is constantly looking and smelling around to check. He's always ready to run away. When it's warm he gets a bit less alert. It is very warm in the paddock, the sand is soft and warm. Theo relaxes. I can see him fall asleep. I step into the paddock. Very slowly. He notices right away. I stop and stand still. He relaxes again. Although he knows me very well, the chance is there he'd get up because I approach too fast. So I take lots of time. While he's awake I approach a few steps. I sit down in the sand. He knows I am there and falls asleep. He feels safe. I crawl a few meters closer again. He lifts his head a bit. I am looking closely to the signs he shows. Is he still relaxed? Is he preparing to stand up? My challenge is to get as close I can get without him getting up. But slowly. "The slow way is the fast way".... It's great to see his huge body lying down so close by. His eyes are closed from time to time. The warmth of the sun is relaxing him. He doesn't seem to mind I am there. I am lying too now. A bit closer again and keeping my eye on him. Now I could touch him. That will be new for him I guess, while he's lying down, being touched by a human. I reach out to his bend leg and touch it very lightly. He doesn't react. Then I am tempted to touch his nose very softly. A tiny reaction. But as close and beautiful as my horse is I touch his leg again. He's alerted. he moves his legs forward, still a bit lazy. He stands up and shakes the sand from his coat (on me). He decides to continue sleeping, standing with his head above me. That's an honour for me.

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